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If you’ve ever shopped for a web host before, you know the task can be time consuming and arduous.  Not only are there many providers to choose from, but many play games with their advertised prices.  Have you ever seen an a web host advertise a cheap price only to find out several steps into the check out process that you must purchase the plan for 3 years to get that great rate? That’s total bogus!  At Compare Host Plans, the research has already been done for you.  You won’t need to go through a checkout process to see the real monthly rate of a hosting plan.  The real rate is shown upfront.  You won’t need to do any digging to see it.  Not only that, at Compare Host Plans, you’ll be able to compare providers side by side, feature by feature without having to hop from one provider website to the next and without having to do additional web searches.

Are you new to the web hosting world and looking to start your first website or blog?  With all the different marketing terms and hosting types available, it can be difficult to know where to begin.  You can go to a hosting company’s website and see plans and terms like shared hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting.  But what do they all mean and which is best for you?

Shared Hosting

Shared HostingShared hosting plans often are the cheapest type of hosting plan available. For that reason, this type of hosting plan may be best suited for those who are new and just starting out.

In general, a shared hosting plan provides its customers with one hosting computer and operating system that is connected to the internet.  That computer hosts many websites, and therefore its resources such as the amount of available RAM that it has, and its computer processor(s) (CPU) get shared among all of the different websites that it is hosting.  This means that if one website on the computer is poorly run, or gets a lot of traffic, it may cause other websites on that computer to run much slower and consequently those coming to your website may have to wait quite a while for the site to load.  Some shared hosting plan providers are able to control this problem much better than others.

Besides the price, another benefit of using a shared hosting plan is that typically the company providing the plan is responsible for maintaining and updating the server software, which is not always the case with VPS and dedicated hosting plans.

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VPS Hosting

Server Room VPS

VPS hosting or Virtual Private Server Hosting tends to be priced in a range that is slightly more expensive than shared hosting, to significantly more expensive.  This type of plan may be best suited for those who are already familiar with running a website, for those that don’t wan’t to have to worry about another website slowing down their own, and for those that want to be able to easily expand as their website gains in popularity.

Unlike with Shared Hosting, those using VPS hosting typically aren’t impacted by other websites running from the same machine.  With VPS hosting, you get your own virtual server to run a website from.  Although like shared hosting in that many different websites may run from the same server computer, each website on VPS server operates independently of other websites through a process called virtualization.  With a VPS, each website can typically run its own operating system,  gets its own allotment’s of RAM and  CPU’s that no other website on the server has access to.

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Dedicated Server

Dedicated Server HostingDedicated Servers tend to be the most expensive type of hosting plan available.  They are best suited for those who have large websites with lots of traffic.

With a dedicated server plan, you get your own computer to run your website that is not shared by any other user.  This is why it tends to be the most expensive type of plan available.

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WP Optimized

WP or WordPress Optimized hosting plans are typically based on shared hosting or VPS hosting plans.  The provider of such a plan tunes their shared or VPS servers to run WordPress.  Wordpress comes preinstalled with the plan and sometimes the hosting company has restrictions on what can and cannot be installed on the server to provide a good and fast experience for all users.